"The 24/7 Vision"

The 24/7 vision centers around the maximum stewardship of every resource we have at our disposal for the advancement of the kingdom.  This means that every room, wall, roof, gym and flower bed is engaged in kingdom work.  The landscaping is beautiful but also edible, our roofs generate power through either solar or wind, our gutters collect rain water to use on our community gardens, and all our meeting rooms are used by faith based entrepreneurs, social enterprises and social agencies to advance their work.  Personal trainers could rent a room for 2 hours for meeting with a client, Baptist Health could rent space for a day for holding health clinics or videographer could rent space for a work week.

The management of space and schedule would be through a Cloud based application software like Uber.  Individuals would locate a room, book its use and pay a fee before then being issued a entrance code.  The proper use of the space would be managed by video system like the 24/7 Workout Anytime surveillance system. 

The second value reflected in the 24/7 vision is to add to our existing crisis ministries transformational building ministries.  This means we develop partnerships to provide legal aide, financial counseling, non-predatory lending alternatives, apprenticeships, mentors and education in life skills such as growing, preparing and adding value to food.  Partnerships can be with members, non-members or even non-believers; however, all partners will know that FBC is faith based and will not apologize or attempt to hide its spiritual core.


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