Joining Us From Home

We want to welcome you to join us on Sunday morning, even if you cannot join us in the building. We hope that one of the below options will allow you to worship with us when you have to be absent. If you are seeking a church to call home, we hope that you will enjoy being with us on Sunday virtually, and then come to join us in person!


You can join us live from our website by viewing below. When we are live you will be able to view full screen by clicking the arrows in the bottom right corner (they will appear when you move your mouse to that area of the screen or tap that corner with your finger on mobile devices). 

facebook page profile pic.png

Facebook Live

You can easily join us for services via Facebook live. Simply go to our Facebook page on Sunday mornings around 10:25 and you will see our live-stream. If you are a Facebook user and want to be notified whenever we go live, simply Like our page and follow it. Click the arrow beside follow, click the pencil beside notifications, then select all live posts and save!


Youtube live

If you are a Youtube user, you can join us via Youtube live. Simply go to our Youtube page on Sunday mornings around 10:25 and you will see the live video feed. If you have a Youtube account, you can subscribe by logging in to your Youtube account, navigating to our page (click the link below) and clicking the red subscribe button on the right hand side. If you want to get notifications of new videos posts you can click the little bell image to edit your notification settings. 


Local CAble Access

If you have access to Corbin's Local Community Access channel you can tune in to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:25 on channel 19 or 22-204.