"Mind Body Soul Spirit"

Building off the learning and successes of the Wholeness Project, the Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit Vision proposes a set of synergistic activities guided by coherent strategy that brings about Wholeness in our community.  The vision is built on a foundation of outreach and feedback from community stakeholders—church members, food pantry/winter relief clients, and nearby businesses, community organizations, and agencies.  The outreach need not be exhaustive, but only intentional and transparent.  Along with that outreach, we would conduct an inventory of First Baptist Church’s (FBC) current assets with a specific focus on buildings and usage.  With an idea of what the community needs and what FBC has, we would then create a vision centered on the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.  The vision would include activities in each of these areas that are self-reinforcing and guided by love and Christ.   Below are some example activities.  It is important to keep in mind that each activity must work in synergy with all others, so together they are self-reinforcing momentum towards greater Wholeness.


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