You have been hearing about the History Room Committee’s call for collecting archives to prepare a proper home for these treasures of all things past.  When the Church Council created the History Room Committee, it also launched another whose purpose was to begin a discussion regarding First Baptist’s future.  The Visioning Committee seeks to articulate what our church could look like in fifteen years.

The committee has generated 6 crazy, way-out-there visions of FBC at 2030.  We pretended that money was not a constraint.  Now we need EVERYONE’s INPUT.  These visions will be displayed on the hallway walls outside the church’s office, choir-room and library.  Beside each drawing is a narrative describing the over arching themes of the vision. They are also listed on the left or under the + sign in the upper right corner on mobile devices. As you click on each link it will take you to a new page where you can read each vision.

The committee asks that you look at these visions and respond.  Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what scares you, what seems like a no-brainer. You can place your feedback on the displays in the hallway or by submitting the form on the bottom of each vision page. YOUR SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ANONYMOUS UNLESS YOU ATTACH YOUR NAME.

The committee will be collecting your feedback throughout January. We will then combine all the input into ONE UNIFIED VISION for our church.


The Visioning Committee composed of Sandi Curd, Larry Gray, Alice Tremaine, Geoff Marietta, Austin Carty, Paul Sims and Alex Lockridge