Winter Relief Ministry Giving

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In December 2017 we kicked off our "Winter Relief Ministry," an exciting and important new ministry that  provides shelter for the homeless on nights when the weather will drop below 29 degrees. On these nights we, through a partnership with a local hotel, share room vouchers—administered on a first come, first served basis—with individuals and/or families who otherwise would be exposed to the cold. Check-in will be at 5PM in the Family Life Center, and a meal will be served before guests are taken by van to the hotel.

In order to sustain this ministry, we greatly appreciate any financial contribution you feel led to give. Meanwhile, we covet volunteers who are willing to help with kitchen needs (warming up and serving pre-prepared soup), with check-in (taking guest names and cross-referencing to make sure the guest in question has not previously run afoul of our published policies), and with van transport (driving or riding). If you are willing to help in any of these ways, please call the church office.

Want to be involved but can't contribute financially? We are collecting the following items to be included in “care” packages that will be given to participants in our Cold Weather Ministry. Collection bins will be at church entrances. Please give as you are able.

bar soap, lotion, comb, shampoo, deodorant, socks, feminine hygiene products, tissue (small package), gloves, toothbrush, lip balm, toothpaste, pre-moistened wipes (small package).

Also, we are accepting donations of sweatshirts, sweatpants, thermal underwear, blankets, and gently worn winter coats.

Thank you for your participation in this vital ministry.

Learn more here: Wed Dec 27 on WKYT

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