Dear Church,

The By-laws Committee has been hard at work since May of 2015

revising the existing church by-laws. After meetings with two focus

groups—the first comprised of standing church officers, the second

comprised of the standing deacons—the committee has determined

that the revised by-laws are now ready for church consideration. It is

very important to the By-Laws Committee that the entire church have

ample time to consider all revisions, as well as have ample opportunity

to pose questions and/or offer suggestions. To that end, the committee

has scheduled a very deliberate roll-out process, and the pertinent dates

are as follows:

Wednesday, October 12th, copies of both the current by-laws and the

new by-laws will be accessible via our church website (electronically)

and in the main office (hard copy).

Monday, October 24th, from 7PM-8:30PM, in advance of and in

preparation for the official presentation, the By-laws Committee will be

holding an open forum in the church library to hear member feedback

and answer questions members might have.

Wednesday, November 2nd, at 6:15PM, the By-laws Committee will

officially present the proposed by-laws revisions. Questions will then be

heard and discussed.

Wednesday, November 9th, at 6:15PM, a special business meeting will

be convened to vote on the motion to accept the revised by-laws as

presented on November 2nd.

This is a matter of great importance to our church, and as such the By-

laws Committee wants to ensure that all feedback is duly considered

and that member buy-in is unanimous. Therefore, please take the

opportunity to get copies of the existing by-laws, compare them with

the proposed by-laws revision, make notations of any questions,

suggestions, or concerns, and plan to attend both the open forum on

October 24th and the official presentation on November 2nd.

All my love,


Current By-Laws

Proposed By-Laws